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In case of a tax compliance check, tax auditors are likely to verify whether or not all expense-related documents are in order and contain relevant information. The most common expense documents are invoices and receipts. Here are the main differences between these two types of tax records.

With over 6 million customers, QuickBooks is the world’s largest cloud accounting provider used by self-employed, limited companies, and accounting firms all over the world. It also offers an immense library of Intuit-approved QuickBooks add-ons that augment what’s possible with the platform alone.

While accounting may seem like an unlikely subject for a video game, you’d be surprised how many games revolve around accounting themes. It’s simply because many typical accounting skills are desirable in every occupation making them omnipresent in our daily lives.

In today’s global economy it is likely that your small business has to deal with expenses based on invoices issued in another currency and language. These documents are perfectly okay as proof of your business costs, as long as they’re allowable. Here are five common issues regarding foreign receipts and invoices you need to pay […]

Managing a small business means that you sometimes have to handle foreign currency receipts and invoices where the amount paid or owed is in a currency other than the one you use on a daily basis. There are a few things you have to pay attention to when posting foreign currency expenses into your accounting […]

Invoice processing is what many small business owners would simply call paperwork. It’s a process related to handling documents required for Accounts Payable purposes. Here’s basic information on how to handle invoice processing, and how to avoid invoice processing errors by using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and machine learning.

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