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Hi there! I’m arbitrue, your intelligent bookkeeping assistant


Arbitrue automatically processes data from invoices and receipts and enters the information into your accounting system


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You can send invoices to arbitrue using dedicated web or mobile application.


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Information from invoices is automatically read and processed by arbitrue.


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Invoices are automatically categorised and booked.

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Why arbitrue?

Unmatched ease of document delivery

Supplying documents has never been so easy. Send invoices with the help of a desktop or mobile application or through a dedicated email address.

Results you can depend on

We supply a double verification - automatic and human - to assure the highest standards of accuracy.

Faster than you expected

We put your accounting in the fast lane. Scanned documents are accessible right away in the application.

Intelligent bookkeeping assistant

Automatically enter invoice and receipt data or categorise
accounting documents.

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An accountant friend of mine recommended arbitrue as an ideal tool for solving my accounting problems. It’s easy to use and integrates well with most accounting systems like QuickBooks, Xero and FreshBooks. I recommend it to anyone looking to make their accounting faster and better.

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What makes it so good?

Mobile Android application

Scan your documents with ease. Send them directly from a mobile email application. Mobile iOS app soon.

Artificial intelligence

Cutting edge technology applied to accounting. The system learns and constantly improves results.


Let arbitrue accelerate your accounting through integration with other systems.