Instant data extraction
for invoices and

See for yourself how fast invoice and receipt data entry can be.


Extract data from invoices & receipts automatically and export it directly to your accounting records or spreadsheet files

  • Upload
    your invoices

    You can select invoice files from your hard drive or just drag and drop.

  • Unlimited expense
    file storage

    You can access your expense-related documents when you need them.

  • Extract data
    from documents

    Information from invoices is automatically read and processed by arbitrue.

  • Post expenses
    or export to CSV

    Data from documents goes directly to your tax records or spreadsheets.

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Why arbitrue?

Save time you spend on data entry

You can select invoice files from your hard drive or just drag and drop.

Streamline how you do bookkeeping

With arbitrue you can make bookkeeping in your company a lot faster and more efficient.

AI-based bookkeeping automation

arbitrue uses cutting-edge technologies to maximise the speed and accuracy of data.

Intelligent OCR tool for invoices and receipts

Automatically extract data from invoices and receipts and export to your accounting records or a spreadsheet.

An accountant friend of mine recommended arbitrue as an ideal tool for solving my accounting problems. It’s fast, exports data to CSVs and integrates with the accounting system I use, QuickBooks. I recommend it to anyone looking to make their accounting faster and better.

Jowita Padèe


A better way accountants
and business owners can communicate

Arbitrue helps you organise all communication around expense-related documents. You won’t have to send emails about missing invoices and receipts – you can grant access to your files at arbitrue so that non-finance people can quickly upload expense invoices. Learn more >>