Data extraction tools are extremely handy for all accountants and bookkeepers to make sure they don’t waste their time on manual data entry. To make it possible, you need a solid OCR algorithm that can read and understand all expense-related documents. Read on as we reveal the intricacies of how arbitrue extracts data from invoices […]

While most of us got used to mouses and touchpads, there are plenty of keyboard shortcuts that can make your work even faster. A good example is QuickBooks which offers many useful shortcuts to help you out. Check out this handy list of 18 QuickBooks keyboard shortcuts that help you quickly create and edit tax […]

British businesses sometimes miss a trick when it comes to claiming business expenses. Being too cautious with your expense claims could cost you money in unnecessary tax, but it’s important to know where to draw the line. We explore which expenses pass, and which have gone too far.

After a hard day’s work pouring over your client’s accounts, when hometime comes you deserve to curl up on the couch and watch a good movie. But with so many choices available it’s hard to know what to watch! To help you out, we’ve rounded up 11 great movies that we feel are a must […]

Just in case HMRC comes knocking, it’s important to keep tax records. But how do you decide which records to keep? And for how long? To help you decipher what is legally required, we’ve listed out which documents you need to keep for you or your business here in the UK.

When catastrophe strikes, it is rare that you are given many warnings. For accountants, bookkeepers and business owners, disasters could lead to interrupted business flow or worse, losing records entirely. Are your business accounts ready to handle the unexpected?

Accountants don’t just assist with your taxes, they provide guidance on all issues relating to the financial growth of your business. They are key to your success and add significant value at each stage of development, from sole trader to limited company. Here are seven ways an accountant will save you money. They’ll save you […]

More than a third of companies buying accounting software in 2017 had never used these solutions before. This is the most notable figure we learned from a new report revealing some fascinating statistics on the reasons why companies decide to invest in a new accounting solution.

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