Excel is arguably one of the most powerful tools in an accountant’s toolbox. With such a wide selection of Excel plugins, you can make it even better suited to your needs by feeding data from external sources or adding extra features. Here’s a list of the most useful Excel add-ins for accountants and bookkeepers.

What are Excel add-ins

Add-ins, also known as plugins, are apps that connect with Excel spreadsheets extending what Excel on its own is capable of. Typically, the result of using add-ins is that users either get extra features, such as powerful chart generators or colour schemes, or an additional source of data, such as from a CRM, that can be analysed, merged, and calculated in spreadsheets.

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1. Get your accounting data synced with Excel in real-time

Research shows that as much as 67% of accountants prefer cloud-based accounting. Moving to the cloud has many advantages, such as an option to integrate your cloud accounting system with other software, for example, Excel. For this purpose, you can use Excel add-ins that work with the most popular cloud accounting solutions, including QuickBooks Online, Xero, Freshbooks, FreeAgent, Sage 50, and more.

These plugins allow you to feed accounting data directly into your Excel spreadsheets so that you can use it for creating formulas, reports, graphs, or anything you need.

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DataDear Excel add-in for Xero and QuickBooks
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Devart Excel Add-in for Freshbooks

2. Excel Add-In for Google Sheets

With this little add-in you don’t need to decide between using collaborative Google Sheets and powerful Excel. When you install this add-in, you’ll get access to your data stored in Google Sheets directly in Microsoft Excel.

In other words, you can use the power of Excel to edit data imported from Google Sheets and then make sure your Excel-based calculations are visible in Google Sheets to share with colleagues and store them securely in the cloud.

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Excel Add-In for Google Sheets

3. Currency conversion for Excel

Financial data may come in multiple currencies which you need to be able to convert. This is possible with an Excel plugin that feeds conversion rates from online sources making sure they’re always accurate and up-to-date.

You can try Excel Currency Converter by Office Plugins or the Currency Converted provided by KUTools.

Learn more:


4. XLTools.net Export to CSV App

Importing data often requires to create CSV (Comma Separated Values) files which are formatted differently than a regular XLS file. To make converting data to CSV faster and easier, you may want to use a specific add-in that simplify the process in the form of XLTools.net.

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Export to CSV App

5. Excel + Google Calendar integration through Zapier

Keeping deadlines is essential for all accountants, and thus it may be useful to import Google Calendar data to Excel. This is especially useful given that many people use Google Calendar not just for scheduling meetings but also to create reminders about important dates.

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Excel + Google Calendar

6. SmartCharts for Excel

Given that a lot of business owners expect accountants to help with in-depth data analysis, a dedicated data analysis tool and chart generated may come in handy. SmartCharts for Excel help you discover trends and patterns in your data by presenting and organising it in a digestible chart format. You can select your data and view it through a number of charts created on-the-fly.

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SmartCharts for Excel

7. AutoChart

Sometimes you need to create and manipulate multiple charts at the same time, for example by making sure all graphs have legends in the same position or come with a standardised colour scheme. These tasks, and a lot more are possible with the AutoChart Excel Add-in.

Learn more:


8. Zebra BI Excel add-in

For data visualisation and reporting in a comprehensive, standardised format, you may want to consider Zebra BI Excel add-in. Zebra allows you to insert multiple advanced charts with a single click, including based on pivot tables. All charts are dynamic meaning the data changes depending on the spreadsheet’s content. You can also quickly unify data across multiple graphs.

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Zebra BI Excel add-in

9. Vertex templates gallery

A lot of tasks you do in Excel can be done with ready-made, predefined templates built for specific purposes which you can either build yourself or import from somewhere else, such as from Vertex. Among Excel add-ins for accountants, you may want to consider a vast library of templates for multiple purposes, such as business plans, income and expenses, budgeting, project timeline, and a lot more.

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