From laptop touchscreen converters to handheld paper shredders, there are plenty of gadgets for accountants and bookkeepers. Check out this selection of our favourite products that make an accountant’s life easier and more productive, or, at least, more fun.

Here at arbitrue Blog, we’ve written a number of times on how an accountant’s life can be more fun by playing games, watching movies, learning new skills, or sharing cool facts about accounting with your non-finance friends.

If you happen to be in the market for some new tech, then this new guide may be right up your alley.

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1. Handheld Manual Paper Shredder

A necessity among gadgets for accountants that can even be used on-the-go! This super-affordable paper shredder is great for destroying old copies of receipts, bank statements or papers you don’t need any more.

In fact, holding sensitive documents past the minimum retention period increases the chances of a data breach, so if you don’t need a document any more, why not dispose of it quickly and securely with this nifty device?

Before you have too much fun shredding documents, take a read of this guide to learn how long you should keep your tax records for.

Price: £16.95
Buy online:

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2. Doxie Go SE Portable Scanner

Going paperless doesn’t have to be a hassle when you equip yourself with a reliable portable scanner. This Doxie scanner has a built-in memory for up to 4,000 pages which means you can scan documents even when your laptop is not around and transfer your files later.

The scanner can handle any document, from flimsy receipts to full-sized A4 sheets. It’s both fun to use and a great motivator in keeping your accounts organised.

Price: £152.60
Buy online: Amazon

3. AirBar Touchscreen Converter

Wish your work laptop had a touchscreen? With this innovative gadget, you can turn any non-touchscreen laptop into a touchscreen one in an instant.

Touchscreens are great at improving interactivity in meetings and conferences. For example, when showing colleagues financial spreadsheets it’s much faster to flick through and zoom into pages using your hands. Being able to go through accounts with clients using a touchscreen could also help improve relationships since it makes the conversation much more dynamic.

Price: from £65 or 79 EUR
Buy online:

4. Moleskine Smart Writing Set

This smart notebook from Moleskine is useful for taking notes when you may not have your laptop handy. Perhaps a client calls you unexpectedly or you need to jot down a business tax code on the fly?

This notebook is excellent for sharing information quickly too, so you can proactively share data with colleagues straight after a meeting, making you look extra-organised.

For the price of £199 you can get the whole set, including Paper Tablet N°1 (dotted with special paper designed to work with Pen+), Pen+ smart pen, as well as an ink refill.

Price: £199
Buy online:

5. Lenovo USB 17-Key Business Black Numeric Keypad

This USB-powered numeric keyboard will be immediately appreciated by accountants who constantly need to work with numbers on a reduced sized notebook keyboard. Enter financial figures with ease with this handy plug-in, improving workflow, as well as typing speed and accuracy.

Price: £30
Buy online:

6. Additional clip-on screens for laptop

Accountants frequently need to cross-reference multiple years of the same document, for example financial statements or tax returns. If you’re working on a desktop, it’s easy to hook up an extra monitor or two, but on a laptop, things get a little trickier.

These additional screens from Le Slide are a fantastic tool for any accountant who often works from their laptop but who could do with the extra, portable screen space.

Price: from £305
Buy online:

7. Lumie Bodyclock Starter 30

Timeliness is an essential trait for any budding accountant. Yet waking up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed can be tough when work demands an early start.

Based on light therapy as an alarm clock, this gadget from Lumie uses a sunray effect to wake you up slowly with light. Research shows that waking up in this way boosts mood, energy and productivity levels — all of which will positively affect your interpersonal skills.

Price: from £59.95
Buy online:

8. Travel Solar Charger

Having a backup battery pack to charge your phone in case it runs out can be a lifesaver when you need to send that all-important email.

This handy charger serves as both a battery pack and a solar charger and is not much bigger than an iPhone. On a full charge, the battery pack has enough juice to charge your phone around 3 times. It takes 5 hours via USB or 25 hours via UV rays to fully charge.

Price: £34.95
Buy online: Mobile Solar Chargers

9. Casio Inc. HR-100TM Business Calculator

A list of accounting gadgets without a proper calculator would be incomplete. Yes, you can get advanced calculators for your laptop or smartphone, but we’re pretty sure many accountants prefer the good ol’ calculator anyway.

Why would they still use calculators? Because, for example, they need to quickly print their calculations, which is possible with this Casio business calculator. Most laptops or smartphones still don’t come with built-in printers.

Price: from £65
Buy online:

10. 3M Privacy Filter

We know privacy screens for desktop computer screens exist, but what about your laptop, tablet or phone? These black-out screens by 3M are perfect if you are viewing sensitive client data like tax returns on a train or plane ride. The filters come in a range of sizes, including for iPads.

Price: £27
Buy online:

11. Victorinox Deluxe Travel Backpack

This Victorinox backpack is perfect for those accountants who need to carry around umpteen documents, electronics, and accessories, and make sure they’re safe. The bag comes with multiple pockets and slots, and, most importantly, it’s lockable with a TSA-accepted lock.

Price: £130
Buy online:

Exclusive accounting tips and how-tos

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