Excel is arguably one of the most powerful tools in an accountant’s toolbox. With such a wide selection of Excel plugins, you can make it even better suited to your needs by feeding data from external sources or adding extra features. Here’s a list of the most useful Excel add-ins for accountants and bookkeepers.

According to Billentis, up to 85% of all invoices in the UK were issued on paper in 2016. With billions of paper documents entered into accounting records, making data entry more efficient is critical for all businesses. Here’s how OCR and machine learning can help you ditch manual data entry for good.

If you’re a fan of good old calculators, we’ve good news: you don’t have to stick to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to do your calculations. With these super-smart calculators for accountants, you can lay your fingers on a physical keypad and make sure you don’t use outdated technology at the same time.

More than a third of companies buying accounting software in 2017 had never used these solutions before. This is the most notable figure we learned from a new report revealing some fascinating statistics on the reasons why companies decide to invest in a new accounting solution.

Cloud-based email clients are handy not just because you get access to your inbox on any device, but you can also use add-ons that augment the account’s standard features. For instance, Gmail plugins add extra functionalities focusing on productivity, labelling emails, managing attachments, or security. Here is our selection of Gmail plugins for accountants and […]

New technologies in bookkeeping come and go, so it may be confusing to keep track of what’s current and up-to-date. There are plenty of options that can dramatically improve how you manage billing, payroll, inventory management, or data entry. Here’s a list of super handy, cloud-based tools that will make bookkeeping a breeze.

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