Even if you’re not a regular listener, podcasts for accountants are a great way to get inspiration and valuable tips on the go. To help you find the best podcasts that are most applicable for accountants, Arbitrue has put together this list of thought-provoking and entertaining series. Grab your headphones and check these out.

Research shows that as much as 72% of UK self-employed handle taxes on their own. At the same time, 7 out of 10 people surveyed found it stressful to deal with accounting processes. To allay your pain, we put together a list of accounting terms that will help you get your ducks in a row […]

The cost of bookkeeping services varies depending on many factors, including the volume of documents, security levels required, and the company’s preference. This complete guide will help you better understand what bookkeeping options are available and how much they’ll cost you.

Running a business is full of ups, downs and lessons you wish you’d known from the start. We asked selected UK-based accountants for their top tips to help small businesses get ahead and streamline their processes. From keeping on top of your finances to taking full advantage of the technology available, here are five accounting […]

For many of us, business record keeping involves a clever combination of accounting software, spreadsheets and a drawer full of receipts. This works fine until you can’t find the receipt you’re looking for, or you didn’t receive one. If this happens, you don’t need to panic. You may still be able to claim some expenses […]

While most of us are used to mouses and touchpads, there are plenty of keyboard shortcuts that can make your work even faster. A good example is QuickBooks which offers many useful shortcuts to make your work faster and easier. Check out this handy list of 18 QuickBooks keyboard shortcuts that help you quickly create […]

Just in case HMRC comes knocking, it’s important to keep tax records. But how do you decide which records to keep and for how long? To help you decipher what is legally required, we’ve listed out which documents you need to keep for you or your business here in the UK.

When catastrophe strikes, it is rare that you are given much warning. For accountants, bookkeepers and business owners, disasters can lead to interrupted business flow or, worse, losing records entirely. Are your business accounts ready to handle the unexpected?

When it comes to employment, the emphasis is often on training, ability and specialist knowledge. As a result, by 2020 over half a million UK workers will be significantly held back by a lack of soft skills. You can super charge your accountancy skills with these six habits for accountants – and have a little […]

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