With over 6 million customers, QuickBooks is the world’s largest cloud accounting provider and is used by the self-employed, limited companies, and accounting firms all over the world. It also offers an immense library of Intuit-approved QuickBooks add-ons that augment what’s possible with the platform alone.

QuickBooks Online uses the company’s home currency for all records, including sales, purchases, and the chart of accounts. If your company uses more than one currency, it may be convenient to reflect this in your account settings by enabling the multicurrency feature. Learn how to configure multicurrency in QuickBooks Online and what it changes in […]

One of the reasons why businesses all over the world use QuickBooks Online is the massive library of third-party integrations. These external services can retrieve data from QuickBooks or push data to QuickBooks which comes in useful whenever financial, and accounting information is necessary.

Given that over 70% of the self-employed in the UK handle taxes on their own, it’s essential to get the hang of the routine. One of the most common tasks you have to deal with is collecting expense-related documents and posting them into your accounting records. Here’s a rough guide on how to post expense […]

It is common business practice to offer custom pricing via sales quotes based on specific requirements. For this purpose, companies typically issue estimates, quotes, or pro forma invoices. Here’s how to do it in QuickBooks and then convert these documents into regular invoices.

We’re delighted to let you know that we’ve submitted arbitrue to the QuickBooks Apps marketplace. The review process only takes a few weeks, so we’re hoping to see arbitrue among QuickBooks Apps very soon.

Arbitrue captures data from receipts and invoices and lets you post them automatically into your accounting records in QuickBooks. Before you submit any documents, you can choose between bills and expenses to correctly categorise your spending. Here’s the main difference between bills and expenses.

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