Minimising your individual and business tax liability is a vital part of running a profitable business. How you pay yourself – whether through dividends, a salary, or a mix of both – is key to keeping your tax bill to a minimum. Here you can learn if small business dividends is the most efficient way […]

As the old saying goes, “Time is money”. Small businesses know this all too well. But often employees have to wear multiple hats and take care of several things at once, so it’s especially easy to lose track of time. What they sometimes don’t realize is how important time management is for a financially sustainable […]

Cash vs. accrual accounting is one of the choices you have to make regarding company taxes and thus you need to be aware of the pros and cons to each method. Arbitrue has put together a quick guide to help you decide whether cash or accrual method is a good fit for your business.

Cloud accounting software allows you to access real-time data, make more informed business decisions, and saves you time and money in business admin. As with everything, accounting software is only as effective as those that use it. Read on for our top cloud accounting mistakes and how to avoid them.

Hands up if you can name a cool bookkeeping fact? Bookkeeping can be quite a tough profession at times, but if you’re looking for a little light entertainment, there are many truly interesting and exciting facts about both accounting and bookkeeping that can help keep you inspired.

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