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arbitrue is an OCR-based solution that extracts key data from invoice and receipt files, and exports it into accounting records or spreadsheets.

Read on to explore the product: how it works, what features it offers, what problems it solves, and why accountants use it.

How arbitrue works

Upload your invoices

You can simply drag and drop your files anywhere on your dashboard.

Extract data

Arbitrue extracts what's important: companies, dates, suppliers, taxes.

Export data

Use the 1-click export to QuickBooks or CSV files.

Unlimited file storage

Access your invoice and receipt scans whenever you need them.

Feature highlights

Instant data extraction
that takes seconds, not hours

Arbitrue uses cutting-edge AI technology to make sure you get your documents ready as fast as possible.

Clutter-free interface with the most
essential features

We believe in simplicity and user-friendliness. Therefore we minimised the interface to what’s absolutely necessary.

Flexible 1-click
data export

It only takes one click to export all documents with the status “ready”. Send data to QuickBooks or to Excel files.

Two-way QuickBooks

Arbitrue connects to your QuickBooks account to export and retrieve data, such as VAT codes, categories, suppliers, and payment methods.

Accurate supplier detection
based on VAT ID

We extract VAT IDs from documents to locate suppliers in a database to make sure it’s both accurate and lightning fast.

Multi-user and multi-company

Add multiple companies to your account and grant access to other users, either full permissions or limited to viewing and uploading files.

What problems it solves

Manual data entry

Entering data manually from your receipts and invoices is time-consuming, costly, and prone to human error.

Messy OCRed text

arbitrue processes what OCR returns to locate key invoice elements, such as company names, amounts or dates.

Tiresome bookkeeping process

Cut the time and simplify how you handle expense files. Accountants get extra time for financial analysis and advice.

A better way accountants
and business owners can communicate

Arbitrue helps you organise all communication around expense-related documents. You can grant access to your arbitrue file list so that both accountants and non-finance people can upload, download, and export invoices and receipts. Learn more >>


Arbitrue combines Optical Character Recognition (OCR) with machine learning which results in much more efficient recognition capabilities than just OCR alone.

Our intelligent assistant changes its behaviour depending on how you book and categorise your expense documents. The more you use it, the more accurate it gets. Read more on what OCR is and how it works for data extraction.



QuickBooks integration
Xero integration
FreeAgent integration
Invoice data capture API

The team

The team behind arbitrue is comprised of passionate AI, Ruby on Rails, Python, and cloud accounting experts. Arbitrue is a subsidiary of one of the largest cloud accounting providers in Poland,

Arbitrue came to life as a way to speed up how inFakt’s 100+ accountants dealt with booking expense documents. The idea of using OCR and machine learning was developed and polished during Intuit’s #SmallBizHack 2017 where arbitrue won first prize for the most convenient and time-saving solution for small businesses.

Learn about the team >>


Extract key invoice data with an OCR solution