Read Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to better understand how arbitrue can help you speed up invoice and receipt data entry.


Be sure to let us know if you have any problems syncing arbitrue with your accounting system or uploading and processing invoices and receipts. You may send us support queries using the following options:

Live chat: start chatting
Phone: +44 20 33118 4792

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I found a bug or idea, how can I let you know?

A: Your feedback is most welcome. Have a chat with us! Also, you can call us on +442033184792 (Monday-Friday: 9am – 4pm), or drop us an email at

Q: What online accounting software integrations are currently supported?

A: Today, QuickBooks Online integration is readily available for all users. We are working on delivering more integrations in the future.

Q: How to connect my QuickBooks Online account to arbitrue?

A: After signing-in to arbitrue, click on your username in top-right corner and select Settings. Then, use “Add integration” button. After that you’ll be asked to log-in into QuickBooks and authorize arbitrue to use your company data.

Q: How can I send a document do arbitrue?

A: You can drag and drop a file to arbitrue or click a blue button on bottom-right side.

Q: What document formats are supported?

A: Currently, processing of images (.jpg/.png) and pdfs is supported.

Q: How long does it take to read a file?

A: arbitrue will read most of files under 20 seconds.

Q: What does the dot on the right of document of mean?

A: It represents a file status. File can be ‘unrecognized’ – missing crucial information, ‘recognized’ – with all required information filled in, except category. A file that has all information and a category assigned has a ‘ready’ status.

Q: Is my data safe with arbitrue?

A: We use financial grade SSL/TLS session security and certificates. All passwords and credentials are protected by industry standard cryptography. Documents sent to arbitrue are never leaving the EU.

Q: Why there are no suppliers and categories available to select from drop-down menu?

A: To ensure the most accurate bookings, arbitrue doesn’t have its own suppliers/categories database. All data is taken from current integration. Please connect arbitrue to one of any available integrations.