Sync arbitrue with QuickBooks

Connect arbitrue to your QuickBooks account to post supplier receipts and invoices directly into your accounting records.

Simply use your QuickBooks credentials to sign up to arbitrue to enjoy a 1-click, two-way sync that works in real-time.

It only takes four steps

Sign up

Sign up with your QuickBooks credentials.


Click Confirm in the QuickBooks notification.

Upload files

Upload expense-related receipts and invoices.


Confirm data, save and export directly to QBO.

An Intuit-approved QBO app provider

arbitrue went through the certification process to ensure that our integration meets all QuickBooks requirements. Our app is available directly from Intuit’s marketplace

The integration includes syncing your QBO data, such as the list of suppliers, Chart of Accounts, payment methods, bank/credit accounts, and more. It only takes 1 click to export expense files from Arbitrue to your QBO records.

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Why integrate

Hassle-free integration

Syncing arbitrue with your QuickBooks account only takes a few seconds.


You’ll be surprised how fast arbitrue can handle your invoices. It only takes several seconds per invoice

Clutter-free interface

We reduced data capture to bare essentials: no multi-level dashboards, complex charts, and redundant features.

No manual data entry

Data entry can take a lot of time and effort. You can automate with arbitrue.

Company details based on VAT ID

We use VAT IDs extracted from invoices to look up suppliers in a database.

Multi-user support

Grant access to your file list to non-finance people to let them upload invoices.

Automatic invoice data capture

Arbitrue uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and machine learning to ensure invoice data capture is fully automatic and instantaneous.

We’ve developed a self-learning system that changes behaviour depending on how you confirm invoice data and categorise expense documents.

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Sign up with your QBO credentials to integrate