We’re happy to announce that we’ve just launched a whole set of new functionalities that help you collaborate on company documents. Multiple users can now log in to Arbitrue and get access to the same list of invoices and receipts from a single company. Here’s what you should know about new options.

Cloud accounting software allows you to access real-time data, make more informed business decisions, and saves you time and money in business admin. As with everything, accounting software is only as effective as those that use it. Read on for our top cloud accounting mistakes and how to avoid them.

More than a third of companies buying accounting software in 2017 had never used these solutions before. This is the most notable figure we learned from a new report revealing some fascinating statistics on the reasons why companies decide to invest in a new accounting solution.

Cloud-based email clients are handy not just because you get access to your inbox on any device, but you can also use add-ons that augment the account’s standard features. For instance, Gmail plugins add extra functionalities focusing on productivity, labelling emails, managing attachments, or security. Here is our selection of Gmail plugins for accountants and […]

According to the latest research from SJD Accountancy, as much as 72% of small business owners manage accounting on their own. Here are 11 bookkeeping facts these millions of amateur accountants ought to know if they want to reduce the level of stress related to managing tax records single-handedly.

Looking for the most recent accounting, e-invoicing and bookkeeping statistics? Here’s a useful list of the most recent figures that will look great in your business presentations or just to share with your colleagues and clients to help them better understand today’s bookkeeping landscape.

New technologies in bookkeeping come and go, so it may be confusing to keep track of what’s current and up-to-date. There are plenty of options that can dramatically improve how you manage billing, payroll, inventory management, or data entry. Here’s a list of super handy, cloud-based tools that will make bookkeeping a breeze.

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