With over 6 million customers, QuickBooks is the world’s largest cloud accounting provider and is used by the self-employed, limited companies, and accounting firms all over the world. It also offers an immense library of Intuit-approved QuickBooks add-ons that augment what’s possible with the platform alone.

We’re happy to announce that QuickBooks Online users can now access arbitrue directly from Intuit’s marketplace, Apps.com. This means that arbitrue is now an Intuit-approved add-on available next to other familiar names like PayPal, Salesforce, or Shopify.

One of the reasons why businesses all over the world use QuickBooks Online is the massive library of third-party integrations. These external services can retrieve data from QuickBooks or push data to QuickBooks which comes in useful whenever financial, and accounting information is necessary.

We’re delighted to let you know that we’ve submitted arbitrue to the QuickBooks Apps marketplace. The review process only takes a few weeks, so we’re hoping to see arbitrue among QuickBooks Apps very soon.

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